The biggest Dutch creative inspiration event



KreaDoe had the challenge many live events face; to be able to attract an entirely new audience in a vastly stagnating market. How do we reach the maximum potential of visitors? How we do we create an optimum in engagement? The goals we’ve set translated into more ticket-sales, more relevant reach, more website traffic and more indirect sales.



We’ve created an integrated solution, combining a strong search engine approach with data-driven targetings in social advertising. With effective prospecting layers utilizing look-a-like techniques we’ve reached a new audience potential.



More than 10% of total event registrations came directly from the campaign. We’ve created an uplift in website traffic of 10% and with an overall conversion percentage of >6% we’ve kept the quality of traffic up to standard.

We are satisfied with the pilot we did with spinchoice. Especially the support during the peak of the event was very good and has really helped us forward.

Sophie Spanjer | Campaign Manager KreaDoe at Jaarbeurs

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