The online platform that matches drivers with parking spots



Mobypark was struggling to grow in their online reservations. They had exploited the channels they’re using and wanted to test and go into new online sales channels. They needed a strategy that effectively combined push marketing channels with a performance-driven approach to positively impact their bottom-line.



We’ve created a dynamic (retargeting) set-up that combines variables like language, location, traveling destination & viewed spaces to serve every visitor a relevant ad. The ad shows the right offering in the online giants like Facebook & Google, but also allows to reach them outside these platforms with the parking space most relevant for them.



+33,54% increase in total online Reservations MoM;
+37,57% increase in revenue from online reservations MoM;
+165% increased results from search engines;
+5% conversions from Social advertising as new sales channel.

spinchoice helped us exploring new online sales channels, their expertise in driving targeted traffic to our website enabled us to grow our business steadily and reach new customer segments. From the start, they executed fast and monitored and adjusted the campaigns constantly, to take the maximum out of our budget.

Katrin Marx | Online Marketing Manager at Mobypark

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