Increase your online visibility on a short term.

SEA, also known as Search Engine Advertising, is an advertising tool within search engines like Google. By using SEA you can increase the online visibility of your website.


The possibilities

SEA has multiple different opportunities. Together with our team of specialist we can choose suitable options for your website.


Google Search

Advertise within the search results through Google Search.


Google Display

Besides advertising within the search results, you can also advertise on thousands of websites and applications with Google Display.


Google Shopping

Would you like to promote a specific product? That is possible with Google shopping!


YouTube isn’t a search engine, is it?! Well, yes it is! YouTube is a search engine especially for video’s.


The combination with SEO

SEO and SEA reinforce each other. So if you use Search Engine Advertising it is best for your Google rankings to use SEO as well!

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