Do you want to improve your Google rankings? With a SEO-strategy we can help you to achieve this! SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a continuous process of optimizing the content on your website. It is about implementing the right site-structure and writing web texts and blogposts. With the help of our specialists we will create a suiting strategy for your website.


Analyzing keywords

Implementing an effective SEO-strategy begins with analyzing keywords. With identifying the keywords your target audience most frequently uses, we can create content for your website. This content will make sure your website will rank higher in Google.


Web analytics

Through analyzing your web analytics we can help you to get insights on how to optimize your website. Google will rank your website higher if your website is very user friendly.


Website content

Did you already create some SEO-proof content on your website? Good job! We will analyze the effectiveness of this content and optimize it wherever necessary.


Important services

SEO is comprehensive tool with a wide range of small services within it. Luckily, our experts are very good at creating an overview of these services! After implementing a strategy, the following services are important to improve your Google rankings:


Content creation

Create suiting content for your social media channels to reach your target audience and build more customer loyalty.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) 

Increase your online visibility on a short term with SEA: Search Engine Advertising. SEO and SEA reinforce each other.


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