Online marketing strategy

How to reach the right target audience online? Which social media platforms are the most effective? And what kind of content should be written on these platforms? By means of an online marketing strategy we will create your very own online marketing funnel. This funnel will be created on the basis of 4 pillars.


Online marketing strategy: an online marketing funnel

Together we will decide the focus of your online marketing strategy. On basis of your business objective a team of our online marketing specialists will create a fitting strategy. Within this strategy we will focus on the following 4 pillars:

1. Which social media platforms suit your business

2. What content fits with these platforms

3. The possibilities of videomarketing for your business

4. How we can optimize your content through analyzing your (current) data


Online marketing strategy: services

An online marketing strategy is unique to every business. Through analyzing your current situation we will create a fitting online strategy. The services we offer are:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want to improve your Google rankings? With a SEO-strategy we can help you to improve your Google rankings.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) 

Increase your online visibility on a short term with SEA: Search Engine Advertising.


Social advertising
Thousands of people visit one or more social media platforms every single day. This makes these platforms a convenient tool to reach a big audience!


Content creation
Create suiting content for your social media platforms to reach your target audience and create more customer loyalty.


Video marketing and video production

Stimulate your target audience with a professional video! We will produce this video and make sure it will be shown to the right audience.


Marketing automation
With marketing automation you can provide information at the right time for your (potential) customers.


Web analytics
Through analyzing your web analytics we can help you to get insights on how to optimize your website!



Worrying about the new privacy rules? No need! Our certified GDPR-specialists will make sure that the online marketing strategy will be in line with the newest privacy rules.


Online marketing strategy: the results

After the implementation of your online marketing strategy it is important to check the results. By checking the results we can get insights on how to optimize the campaign.


Online marketing strategy: trainings and workshops

Would you like to learn more about creating, implementing and maintaining an online marketing strategy? Spinchoice also provides trainings and workshops about online marketing services!


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of online marketing for your company? Get in touch with us!

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